John Tkazyik Contribute

New York has the worst business climate in the nation. We have the second highest state and local tax burden in the country; 60% above the national average.

New York spends more on Medicaid than any state in the union, more than one billion a week, more than California, Texas, and Florida combined.

Because of unfunded mandates imposed on local governments, property taxes are driving homeowners, businesses and jobs out of New York. During the last decade more than 3 million people have fled our state. As jobs and businesses flee, cash strapped taxpayers are going with them.

The situation is just as dire as it was a decade ago, five years ago, three years ago. The policies in Albany are not going to change until we change the people in Albany.

There are other challenges we face. We spend more on education and get less for it than any other state in the union. The Workman’s compensation system is broken. Tax delinquencies are skyrocketing. All across New York people who can’t sell their homes are walking away, throwing their keys on the doorsteps of city hall and leaving behind their hopes and dreams for a good life here. It takes tax abatements, tax credits, tax subsidies and tax free zones to convince employers to move to New York. It takes tax abatements, tax credits, tax subsidies and tax free zones to convince employers to stay in New York.

Change in Albany begins with people willing to demand budgets that reduce spending, streamline the bureaucracy and reduce New York debt so that New York can reduce its tax burden.

We need to unshackle the private economy from burdensome and unnecessary regulations so that the provide sector can do what is does best; create jobs, wealth, and paychecks that pay the mortgage and put children through college.

During my tenure as Mayor of Poughkeepsie I’ve had made the tough choices and hard decisions required to reduce budgets, reduce the city’s debt, streamline the bureaucracy and give the City one of the lowest tax rates in Dutchess County. We cut red tape, made the city business friendly, revived downtown and brought new development and tourists to the city. I’ll do the same as State Senator.